Moon Wedge Pillow Bamboo Fabric

60x60x30 cm

Moon Leg Elevation Pillow
Moon Wedge Pillow (1)
Moon Wedge Pillow Bamboo Fabric

High Quality

The Orthopedic foam is more comfortable than the traditional wedges and comes with a hypoallergenic fitted cover made using rayon from bamboo fibres. It is soft and gently and thus keeps the pillow cool and comfortable.

Simple Support

Provides support for your baby bump and back. It can be used between your legs for hips and spine alignment, and preventing swelling.

Belly Support

The angled wedge can be placed under growing bellies for proper spinal alignment and comfortable side-sleeping.

About this item

  • The soft wedge pillow is ergonomically designed to keep you comfortable throughout the night.
  • The wedge pillow allows you to keep your head in the right position as to avoid any sprains or injuries that are a result of incorrect sleeping positions.
  • It has a multifaceted design and is also durable, which gives you your value-for-money.

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