Moon Dois – Twin Stroller

Suitable for 0 month & above (up to 15kg)

Moon Dois
Moon Dois (1)
Moon Dois (2)

Link Brakes on the Back Wheels

These brakes allow you to effortlessly stop the stroller, even suddenly, so you do not have to worry about loosing control over it.


This stroller is weighed merely 12kgs and can carry upto 30kgs. A storage basket has also been provided at the bottom so you do not have to worry about carrying the load yourself.


The twin stroller comes with adjustable reclining seats, foot rests, extra padding, and a removable front tray, so you can maneuver it according to your convenience.

About this item

  • Adjustable shoulder harness and crotch pad– The shoulder harness and crotch pad can be set at 2 heights. To use the lower height, undo the buckle and feed the shoulder straps in through the loop.
  • Weight holding capacity– The stroller can hold up to 15 kgs of weight, with an additional 2 kgs capacity in the storage basket. This means you do not have to carry around all your little one’s necessities in your hands as you can easily place them and their requirements in a convenient stroller.
  • Front canopy– Our children’s eyes are much more sensitive than ours and therefore need the utmost protection. That is why the Moon Dois comes with a front canopy. It helps protect your child from direct sunlight and insects.

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